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Bienvenidos, amantes de la música y el romance, a este compilado de algunas de las Frases de amor más icónicas y memorables de Aerosmith, una de las bandas de rock más legendarias de todos los tiempos. A lo largo de su carrera, Aerosmith ha dejado un legado de baladas de rock y letras cargadas de sentimiento y pasión que han tocado nuestros corazones. Sin más preámbulos, aquí tienes nuestra selección de las 50 Frases de amor de Aerosmith que te harán soñar y recordar esos momentos especiales.

50 Frases de amor de Aerosmith

  • «I could stay awake just to hear you breathing, watch you smile while you are sleeping» – (Don’t Want to Miss a Thing)
  • «I was cryin’ when I met you, now I’m tryin’ to forget you» – (Cryin’)
  • «Every time that I come near her, I just lose my nerve as I’ve done from the start» – (Crazy)
  • «Sing with me, sing for the years, sing for the laughter, sing for the tears» – (Dream On)
  • «Come and save me tonight, you’re the reason I live, you’re the reason I die» – (Love in an Elevator)
  • «We’re living on the edge of a broken heart» – (Living on the Edge)
  • «If you can judge a wise man by the color of his skin, then mister, you’re a better man than I» – (Walk This Way)
  • «Fallen angels at my feet, whispered voices at my ear, death before my eyes» – (Amazing)
  • «Standing in the rain, with his head hung low, couldn’t get a ticket, it was a sold out show» – (Jaded)
  • «When I look in the mirror, all these lines on my face getting clearer» – (Last Child)
  • «I’m down a one way street, with a one night stand, with a one track mind» – (Same Old Song and Dance)
  • «Can’t shake this feeling that we share, our love’s floating in the air» – (Flesh)
  • «You’re my angel, come and save me tonight» – (Angel)
  • «Girl, before I met you, I was F.I.N.E., but your love made me a prisoner» – (What It Takes)
  • «Sweet emotion, you got the best of me, but I can’t do without» – (Sweet Emotion)
  • «There’s something wrong with the world today, everybody’s got a problem but nobody wants to listen» – (Pink)
  • «Let the music do the talking, if you please» – (Music from Another Dimension)
  • «Dream until your dreams come true» – (Three Mile Smile)
  • «Lying in the sand trying to block out the sun, thinking we were victims of it all» – (Hole in My Soul)
  • «Take me back to a south Tallahassee, down cross the bridge to my sweet sassafras» – (Crazy)
  • «I gave you my body just for that one night, and now you’re gone, babe» – (Young Lust)
  • «Girl, you’ve got to love your man, take him by the hand, make him understand» – (Love Me Two Times)
  • «If you’re looking for some action, I got something for you» – (Back in the Saddle)
  • «But I know, nobody’s ever gonna love me like you do» – (Janie’s Got a Gun)
  • «She looked at me with big brown eyes and said, ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet'» – (Chip Away the Stone)
  • «I feel like the color blue» – (Kings and Queens)
  • «Love is sweet, love is grand, works one on one, one on one» – (Drop Dead Gorgeous)
  • «You’re my sunshine, you’re my rain» – (Sunshine)
  • «You see me crying, I’m hiding here so no one knows» – (You See Me Crying)
  • «You’re the one that jaded me» – (Jaded)
  • «Losing my mind, just killing time, singing the blues» – (Sick as a Dog)
  • «There goes my old girlfriend, there’s another diamond ring» – (Big Ten Inch Record)
  • «I’m out to find the American dream» – (Beyond Beautiful)
  • «Take me down into your paradise, don’t be scared ‘cause I’m your body type» – (Boogie Man)
  • «I’m stumbling in the shade of a summer wave» – (Monkey on My Back)
  • «The lightnin’ brightens up the sky, but it won’t touch me» – (Lord of the Thighs)
  • «Just push play, everything out of my way» – (Just Push Play)
  • «Love me like you done before, yeah, yeah, yeah» – (My Fist Your Face)
  • «Said I’ve had enough of all your love» – (Movin’ Out)
  • «She made me cry, I don’t know why» – (Taste of India)
  • «I need you lovin’ like the sunshine» – (Eat the Rich)
  • «Babe, do whatever your heart desires» – (Don’t Get Mad, Get Even)
  • «Take my heart, take my soul, roll me over like a bowling ball» – (Kiss Your Past Goodbye)
  • «You’re my lover undercover» – (Outta Your Head)
  • «I’ve got this fever burnin’ in my soul» – (Temperature)
  • «Get a grip on yourself, you know you should» – (Get a Grip)
  • «I’m blinded by love but I see you through my tears» – (Blind Man)
  • «Love is an ocean, I’m in over my head» – (Deuces Are Wild)
  • «Love has its wings, but it’s never what it seems» – (The Hop)

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